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Our focus is on plant safety.
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International Certifications

Expert for electrical engineering
according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024

We provide qualified, independent and objective expert opinions, which can help you in case of dispute. Furthermore, we provide you with independent and qualified advice and support for your projects. We analyze, issue findings and expert opinions and secure evidence. Objectively, independently and impartially.
The focus of our work is on plant safety.

Have your electrical systems expertly thermographed or test us as independent experts.
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VdS Klausel SK 3602

As VdS-approved experts, we inspect your electrical systems according to the specifications of the property insurers. This increases plant availability and your potential savings on insurance premiums.


Thermographic examinations, whether in switchgear, photovoltaics, transformers or other machines, reveal invisible defects.


Photovoltaics is one of the future technologies for energy generation. Professional and proper installation and commissioning are indispensable to ensure safe operation.

Elektrosachverständiger Thomas Reuter, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) in Nürnberg

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Thomas Reuter, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Good Reasons

Why SV-Reuter?

High flexibility - short notice appointments

Wide range of expertise from EMC to lightning protection

Internationally recognized, monitored according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024

Independent, impartial and objective

Experience and solution approaches from the project business

Practical solution finding (feasibility)

Interdisciplinary work due to the broad spectrum of knowledge


Qualified. Independent. Objective.

We are the independent third party

Our expert opinions are prepared according to internationally valid guidelines (ISO 17024). This ensures our clients and courts an independent, impartial working method and evaluation in a dispute or assessment of a factual situation. We support companies in the project business, insurance companies or industrial clients worldwide with our services in the field of expert witnesses. As a commissioned expert office, we also offer foreign customers the acceptance of products and goods at a supplier in Germany - so you save travel expenses and do not have to spare important personnel.

As an independent third party you have a neutral partner on board

What is electromagnetic compatibility?

EMC / Harmonics

What is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)? If the fault in an electrical system, control system or manufacturing process is not found, EMC is used as the cause. The use of more and more electrical devices in industry and private households and the increasing construction density in buildings inevitably leads to more frequent interference between devices, cables and wiring systems. The correct installation, wiring and use of approved components minimizes the risk. Everything has been planned correctly, certified individual products have been used, the cables have been correctly dimensioned, the communication network has been appropriately parameterized, and yet sporadic failures, malfunctions or considerable heat generation occur, then we are here for you!

Manufacturing and construction supervision


According to your instructions and inspection plans, we supervise the production and testing of electrotechnical components, carry out the acceptance tests and supervise the installation of electrical equipment in your projects. We check the basic and implementation planning of your subcontractors, provide advice on your projects and monitor compliance with national and international standards and regulations.

Check or certify lightning protection concept

Lightning protection

Lightning protection is one of the basic building blocks in the construction of a building and lays the foundation for trouble-free operation of electrical systems in all atmospheric conditions. If you have questions about your lightning protection system, you need to make an adjustment regarding changes to your building. Has a photovoltaic system been installed on your residential, office or commercial building and you need to review the lightning protection concept or have it certified that the new structures do not affect your lightning protection concept? We will be happy to support you.

Signals and more

Simulations of electrotechnical phenomena

Qualifications & Certificates



Lightning protection

VdS "Clause SK 3602" - Testing

EMC / Harmonics


Project management
for energy and electrical engineering

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Our work ensures on the one hand the depth of a subject area and on the other hand the evaluation with regard to the neighboring disciplines and thus a well-founded overall view of your task and the later realization of the solution.

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